Unique Air Freight Express and Logistics Private Limited

Unique Air Freight Express and Logistics Private Limited is a recognized leader and most trusted “temperature controlled” cold chain distribution and transportation solutions company.

For over 20 years Unique has been at the forefront of providing distribution logistics & transport services of temperature controlled, time sensitive goods and services to the Pharma, Life Science and Healthcare Industry, and we are committed to further enhancing our position in our core market."

Our two decades of experience have given us deep industry knowledge that enable us create multi tiered service options to give your business a competitive edge, by optimizing your transportation logistics operations while reducing costs.

Distinctively foster functionalized e-commerce vis-a-vis intermandated expertise. Quickly re-engineer diverse ROI with state of the art mindshare. Conveniently engineer granular ROI after future-proof resources.

Companies who have partnered with us have benefited from

  • our ability to handle high volume with optimum transit times and guaranteed delivery and product integrity
  • provide competitive pricing and multi tired service options through multi modal, route and cost matrix across 400 locations in India
  • our skilled and dedicated personal capable of offering personalized services, tailor made solutions, flexibility and proactivity to meet every requirements
  • Real time tracking ability for analytics and performance measurement

Unique Value Proposition

At the heart of our proposition is the ability to create and implement tailor made distribution and transportation services for chilled, 2-to-8C and ambient goods for pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare products, along with various storage, packing and handling operations embedded within our service.

Collaboratively enable multidisciplinary value through resource sucking meta-services. Globally visualize standards compliant resources vis-a-vis team building initiatives. Energistically aggregate leveraged vortals rather than competitive vortals. Distinctively engineer e-business methods of empowerment without market-driven partnerships. Uniquely initiate clicks-and-mortar processes after resource sucking data.Quickly re-engineer diverse ROI with state.


Our vision reflects our ambition to develop and grow our business to becoming India’s most trusted and reliable Integrated Distribution and Transportation Solutions Specialist for the Pharma, Life Science and Healthcare Industry:
Our vision is to be the company of choice for getting products from manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to their customers, where assured temperature and time really matters.


“ we are passionate about on time delivery of your temperature controlled goods so there is no parcel left behind and no life ever deprived

“we guarantee product integrity security and safety while delivering at optimum cost and on time, anytime, anywhere, even when it’s a single parcel, and to the remotest place in India”

We believe that our mission communicates what makes us special and provides our competitive advantage:
We are about distribution and transportation of temperature controlled goods where time, quality and efficiency are critical.

Our Management

Unique management team is comprised of experienced logistics operators who have over two decades of expertise in operations, technology, marketing and sales. The team has deep domain expertise in cold chain logistics and distribution and can use first hand experiences to address the challenges our customers face.

Unique’s founders and executive leadership team is committed to building and managing a world-class organization focused on serving and delivering results for our customers, shareholders as well as employees.