Our Approach

In building efficient transportation model for our customers is detailed often intense and collaborative. While creating an optimum transportation program, several critical and key questions about your goods, your pick-up and delivery time and needs, etc, are thoroughly discussed and understood.

For example, Does parcel require cold chain, does it require special handling, is the pick-up time fixed, is delivery to be made on or before a specific date, day and/or time, how easy or difficult is the terrain for pick-up and or delivery, how easy and accessible is the pick/delivery point, is there train or bus option, what’s their frequency, what is the last call or flight out of the nearest city, does pick-up or delivery require special transportation

We have a very evolved and developed transportation algorithm/model which is based upon route, mode, time and cost matrix and helps quickly create custom transportation options that meets and exceeds your objectives.

For many customers we even provide value added services manage goods storage, packing and handling of temperature controlled goods, as well as manage reverse logistics of empty cartons or boxes.